Tuesday, June 28, 2011

And we are off.

Well, I guess I should tell you the who, what, and why.

My name is Heather L. Most people call me Heath. I am a 25 year old wife with a 1 year old boy Declan.  I wanted to start a blog like millions of moms out there. To be different right, makes sense. Of course my blog is the cutting edge duh. There a lot of things I could go on and on about complaining about our generation and there "new age" improvements on raising kids. I am not buying it.  I want to know how to save money on groceries, not stock up for a nuclear war. I want to know real remedies to help my sick kid, not some nasty tasting concoction you haven't tried on your kids.

I want to be able to vent about my husband and vent about how horrible my life is cause my child won't stop crawling up leg. I love food, and I am always finding new ways to make things. I want a place where we can give and take recipes that save time and money, and actually taste good.

Do all mommy bloggers expect to get famous? YES! Ha, doubt it. Well they probably do. I have some funny friends and I am hoping there stories make it here.

So why write it down? I think it is a good way to get my feelings out there and maybe a laugh or too.

I treat my child like "a second child" as my one friend Jessica put it. And its greatly put. To me, if it was good enough for me, it's good enough for my child. Give me shortcuts, give me results. Don't shove your feelings about how your child is the best or he started to read at 7 months old. There are developmental steps for a reason!

Okay, so let's start there. My friend Jessica who is an amazing mom and wife and I love our talks. We used to work together at Cracker Barrel when we were younger(like 5 years ago oof!), and got super wasted and had way to many hangovers to count. Her son is 4 days older than mine, and I am glad I have someone to bitch too. If one son does something special, we know the other one is not far behind on learning.
So anyway, we were talking about getting for our boys the Your Baby can Read DVDs. I ended up getting the first one for $20 at Wal-Mart which if this is for you a very very good deal. My son has probably watched this movie which is not very long to begin with, multiple times. He is not interested, and I know this is just one kid. I was having him watch it once a day sometimes twice cause he kinda just plays and watches it. We have had it for a couple months now, and we got nothing. I stopped watching it and felt bad for him atching it cause I want him to talk

Well, my son is a kid who doesn't need approval. He knows all these tricks but doesn't want to do them. He doesn't need approval and makes me furious when I know he can clap and doesn't do it until other people ask him to! It makes me angry to know that he is content with doing it once and then saying "Mom, I am not a dog, I do not do tricks for animal crackers." Of course he won't say it either because he is waiting for the perfect timing to surprise me.

All in all, this is my forum to share my recipes and pictures of food I have made or love to share. I have easy "housewife" secrets that I have gotten from friends and family that I feel make life easier for us Moms.

Right now I am trying to do laundry, this, get my child to take a nap for more than 20 mins, study some horrible pharmacy crap and think of what to do for dinner and get ready for a trip to the beach.

I won't do it all today so what is going to give? Dinner?